Index of Log Table

Two index types can be created in the Machbase log table.

For more information, refer to the DDL page CREATE INDEX section of the SQL Reference .

  • BITMAP Index: bitmap index can be created in every column except Text, Binary type.
  • KEYWORD Index: Used to search strings as it can be generated only for Varchar and Text column.

Create Index

Create an index on a specific column using the CREATE INDEX statement.

CREATE INDEX index_name ON table_name (column_name) [index_type] [tablespace] [index_prop_list]
    index_type ::= INDEX_TYPE { LSM | KEYWORD }
    tablespace ::= TABLESPACE tablesapce_name
    index_prop_list ::= value_pair, value_pair, ...
    value_pair ::= property_name = property_value
Mach> CREATE INDEX id_index ON log_data(id) INDEX_TYPE LSM TABLESPACE tbs_data MAX_LEVEL=3;
Created successfully.

Change Index

Change the index attribute using the ALTER INDEX statement.

ALTER INDEX index_name SET KEY_COMPRESS = { 0 | 1 }

Delete Index

Delete the specified index using the DROP INDEX statement. However, if there is another session in which the table is being searched, it will fail with an error.

DROP INDEX index_name;
Mach> DROP INDEX id_index;
Dropped successfully.
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