Lookup Table Utilization Example

Lookup Table Utilization Example

The lookup table can be updated and is used to add data that is not in the original log data through a join. The following example shows an example of creating a log table and a lookup table.

-- Create log table.
create table weblog (addr ipv4, msg varchar(100));
-- Input sample data.
insert into weblog values ('', 'a test msessage');
-- Create lookup table.
create lookup table dnslookup (addr ipv4 primary key, hostname varchar (100));

Let’s insert or update the data in the lookup table.

insert into dnslookup values ('', 'localhost') on duplicate key update set hostname = ''

You can retrieve data from lookup tables and log tables through join.

select msg, hostname from weblog, dnslookup where weblog.addr = dnslookup.addr;
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