MSI Installation


  1. Download the installation file from the Markbase download site and run it.
    When the installation start screen is displayed, click the Next button.


  1. On the screen to select the directory folder, the default is usually “C:\Machbase-5.1". If you want to install to a different directory, you can change the path. After choosing the directory, click the Next button.


  1. The installation progress screen is displayed. When the installation is complete, the Next button is activated. Click this button.


  1. The installation completion screen is displayed. Click the Close button.


Launch Machbase

  1. When the Machbase installation is completed, the Machbase shortcut icon is displayed on the desktop. Double-click to run the Machbase server.


  1. This is the window interface screen for managing the Machbase server. You can control the Machbase server and the MWA Web server by clicking the menu.


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