You can check the status of the Deployer, or directly issue the Deployer’s startup/shutdown/stop commands.

Normally the fastest way to issue the commands is through machcoordinatoradmin, but if not possible, you must do the following.

Only exits in Cluster Edition Package.

Options and Features

The options for machdeployeradmin are as follows. The functions described in the previous section are omitted.

mach@localhost:~$ machdeployeradmin -h
-u, –startupRuns Deployer process
-s, –shutdownTerminates Deployer process
-k, –killStops Deployer process
-c, –createdbCreates Deployer meta
-d, –destroydbDeletes Deployer meta
-i, –silenceRuns without output
-e, –checkChecks to see if Deployer process is running

Checking Running Status


mach@localhost:~$ machdeployeradmin -e
     Machbase Deployer Administration Tool
     Release Version - e3c0717.develop
     Copyright 2014, MACHBASE Corp. or its subsidiaries
     All Rights Reserved
Machbase Deployer is running with pid(29373)!
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