“ Mach Speed Horizontally Scalable Time series database. ”

A New Approach to Documenting Your Know-How

by James Lee / 7 Sep 2023


Machbase Neo is an all-in-one package solution built on the foundation of the Machbase time series database, designed to maximize user convenience.

For detailed information about Machbase Neo, please refer to the website at

Machbase Neo features a worksheet function that allows you to create documents. It’s not just about creating static documents; you can directly execute SQL statements and display the results within the document. This enables an interactive understanding of the content.

Furthermore, through the created worksheets, you can share the usage and know-how of Machbase Neo among users, making it a means of exchanging information and knowledge among each other.

Worksheet Writing Language — Markdown

Create a worksheet using Markdown syntax. Markdown is a plain text-based, lightweight markup language that uses tags to represent the structure of documents and data. Markdown is primarily used for creating formatted documents with plain text, and its syntax is simple and easy to understand, making it accessible for anyone to learn and write documents.

Markdown is supported by a variety of service platforms, including GitHub, Notion, and Discord, and can be written and edited in most text editor environments.

However, since the file or image is not embedded directly into the document, you must upload it to a separate server and enter the file URL.

Neo Markdown syntax

General Markdown syntax can be found here (

Machbase Neo has a button that allows you to execute SQL statements, which actually executes the SQL query on the Neo TSDB and displays the results on the screen.

For example, if you write an SQL statement in the input field and choose the document type as SQL instead of Markdown, you can click the execution icon. That will execute the SQL query and display the results below. It’s not just about reading static documents; it allows to interactive integration with the TSDB to verify its functionality.

Not only SQL statements but also the TQL syntax provided by Machbase Neo can be executed instantly, with the results displayed on the screen.

Manage Worksheet

When you save a completed worksheet, it saves as a .wrk extension file in the path where Neo is installed. When you share a created file with other users, they can open and read it directly within Machbase Neo’s Worksheet.

When you install Machbase Neo, you can view tutorial articles that have already been written using worksheets.

On the Machbase NEO main screen, drag & drop the file to the DROP&OPEN area to open the document.


The worksheet feature in Machbase Neo is a simple and easy way to create and manage documents through the text-based Markdown language. You can write a Machbase Neo how-to or guide document and have others follow along as they read the worksheet document.

In particular, SQL syntax and TQL syntax can be executed directly on the documentation to check the results, so even beginners can easily follow along and understand the content on Neo.

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