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CEMS stands for Cloud Equipment Management Service. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that enables customers to remotely monitor and manage various types of manufacturing, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, agricultural and/or environmental equipment and facilities. (Can be implemented in on-premise form)
CEMS has been developed to conduct automated risk detection and prevention through AI technology, resulting in ultimately customers' fast and efficient Digital Transformation (DX). As such, CEMS helps customers reduce operating costs and time, and save their precious time and money.

Core Value of CEMS

Dramatically reduce time/cost to deploy DX

  • Provides all services for building DX (users can also configure themselves)
  • Achieving low cost and high efficiency by maximizing IT resource efficiency

Quick service validation for adoption

  • Establish data collection and visualization/management in up to 10 minutes using dedicated equipment

Prevent user data loss (at the edge)

  • Data collection for several weeks even during network failure through edge-only DBMS

Rapidly build dashboards and monitoring screens

  • Immediately build dashboards, alarms, and monitoring screens of your choice through the cloud
  • Remotely manage edge devices and control data collection

AI-powered anomaly detection

  • Ready to build an anomaly detection service with just a few clicks
  • Reduce AI project costs + reduce manual management costs

CEMS Interface

Ready to start in an instant

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