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Machbase MOS (Manufacturing Optimization Suite) is the best solution for real-time process monitoring and identification of facility and quality abnormalities through synchronization of facility status data and product quality information data.

Through MOS, companies can build realistic big data for quality maintenance monitoring, quality problem tracking, analyzing causes and utilizing them by linking sensor data of facilities and product data.

This will enable companies to reduce defect rates, improve quality, increase productivity, trace product production history, reduce customer claims, and reduce costs, which will ultimately increase profits and value.

Data Collection and Integration

Sensor Data (to TSDB)

  • MQTT Pub/Sub
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Melsec
  • Simatic
  • Ethernet

Product Information Data (to RDBMS)

  • Portal
  • ERP
  • QMS
  • Legacy

Collect sensor data from various facilities into TSDB in seconds Collect data linked to customer's production-related legacy system and ERP/MES into RDBMS

Database Configuration


Time series database from Machbase, the world's #1 internationally recognised performance evaluation by TPC, enabling the collection, storage, input and output of hundreds of thousands of data points per second from sensors.


Configuration of RDBMS to manage product information, facility information, work instruction information, etc. required in the production process in conjunction with the legacy system (RDBMS can be configured according to the needs of the company)


Based on AAS (Asset Administration Shell), an industry 4.0 data standard system, it defines classification system attributes such as production, quality, and facilities by facility/tag item to perform data connection work for easy cross-reference between related departments, and builds a linkage foundation to reflect standardized AAS information such as production, quality, and facilities in the future.

MOS Interface

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