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Machbase RAS

RAS stands for Reliability Assuarance Solution and is a name used to represent a solution that successfully conducts various tests and guarantees the reliability of the results.

RAS collects equipment data, test information, and equipment operation information based on IoT technology. Integrated laboratory information control function specialized for increasing test work efficiency and computerization of test work process. It is a smart test center integrated management solution provided easily and conveniently through the web.

Machbase RAS Solution

Efficient schedule management

  • Establish a schedule for equipment use
  • Automatic notification of exam appointment schedule
  • Test schedule by person in charge
  • Instrument use schedule (Option)

Support Management

  • Test Equipment Management
  • Instrument management (Option)
  • Sample management
  • People management

DB management

  • Real-time equipment data management
  • Historical data tracking management

Laboratory Information Management

  • Automatic establishment of actual operating time for each equipment
  • Operation rate by equipment
  • Exam progress management

Alarm/Event Management

  • Alarm/Event Management
  • Alarm/event history management
  • Abnormality alarm notification function (email, SMS (Option))

Equipment Management

  • Equipment and instrument calibration management
  • Supports various communication protocols
    (Ethernet, Serial, File, DB type, etc.)

RAS Interface

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