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Time Series Database

Machbase TSDB(time series database) is the world’s fastest time series database with a minimal footprint.

In the performance evaluation organized by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), a global performance evaluation organization, it has been ranked first in the "TPCx-IoT" field since 2019 and is listed as an international standard in this field.

And it’s an ideal solution for environments that require scalability, from small servers with limited resources like the Raspberry Pi to horizontally scaled clusters.

Machbase Neo, built on Machbase, adds crucial features required for the IoT industry. It ingests and handles query data through various protocols, such as MQTT for direct data transfer from IoT sensors, and SQL via HTTP for data retrieval by applications

Classic Edition features

Machbase engine is written entirely in C. For this reason, it has very fast performance and is very efficient in CPU and memory usage for data processing. In particular, we invented an innovative multi-dimensional index structure to handle the explosion of IoT data in real time, which is at the core of Machbase's performance. Due to these performance and resource efficiency characteristics, it is being utilized as a high-speed database for small-scale edge device and as a core data processing engine for edge computing.

Machbase's performance

In ingestion point of view

  • In edge Device (ARM 2 core) : up to 500,000 rec/sec
  • In single Server (INTEL 8 core) : up to 2,500,000 rec/sec
  • In Cluster (16 node) : up to 100,000,000 rec/sec

In extraction point of view

  • 0.1 seconds for extracting 10,000 random time ranges from a 400 billion data store

In compression point of view

  • 4TB store : around 1 trillion record
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Neo Edition components

Machbase Neo is a database engine with its own

So users can just fire up Neo and start using all the features above without any complications. In addition, support for the line protocol enables integration with telegraf, a leading open source product for data collection, and the influxdb application, an open source time series DBMS, can be used unchanged, greatly expanding the options for developers. Anyone can download all the source code via github to test and validate.

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Neo Interface

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