Use Case

Use Case

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[Machbase Use Case]Ship Management - Hyundai Global Services

Company Profile

Hyundai Global Services is a company that provides real-time ship operation information to ship owners and performs onshore control services for ships manufactured by Hyundai Heavy Industries.


to thousands of sensors are attached to the engines of ships, generating data in real time. Due to the nature of ships in operation, network communication is limited, so the data is transmitted using satellite communication, and the data is sent to the server in the form of a single CSV file.

At this time, there is an issue with storing the original CSV file, which is parsed and entered in real time according to the database’s storage schema. This is because CSV files collected from hundreds of ships must be processed in real time and data must be accumulated smoothly for a long period of time.

Reason for Selection

Hyundai Global Services selected Machbase through a comparison with InfluxDB in terms of performance and features.

They judged the excellent data processing performance of the Machbase developed in C language, stable system operation through redundancy, convenience of application development through SQL support, and operational technical support and maintenance as strengths.


Machbase developed a data collector that maps CSV files to the rules provided by Hyundai Global Services, preprocesses the data, and stores it in the DB. We also secured high availability by redundantly configuring the production DB and the backup DB.

Application Result

Machbase’s schema structure for time-series data allows it to flexibly respond to the addition of new ships or sensors without making changes to the existing schema, so it has been used with the same initial settings even as it has expanded from a few dozen ships in the beginning to hundreds of ships today.

Not only has the provision of real-time monitoring services made it possible to provide additional services to shipowners, but as data is collected and stored seamlessly, it is possible to develop new business insights through big data analysis through long-term data accumulation.

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