Use Case

Use Case

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[Machbase Use Case]Manufacturing - Lotte Chilsung

Company Profile

Lotte Chilsung is a non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer that produces a variety of products including soda, tea, and fruit juice.


SCADA system was built to collect data from beverage production facilities, and the alarm history of the facilities was collected and stored in MS-SQL. For digital transformation, Machbase was introduced to collect not only alarm history but also all tag data of production process equipment.

The performance of collecting and storing 200,000 data per second in real time was an important requirement, and periodic backup and instant retrieval of backed-up data were also needed.

Reason for Selection

Lotte Chilsung verified the product’s ability to collect 200,000 data per second in real time through a proof of concept (PoC) and judged Machbase’s data entry performance, product quality, and seamless technical support as its strengths.


Due to the capacity limitations of the SSD disk, past data is backed up and stored on the HDD disk, and if necessary, the MOUNT function of the Machbase is used to immediately connect to the operating DB without the restore process to retrieve data.

Application Result

Big data analytics teams are extracting data stored in time series databases through JDBC or REST APIs and using data analysis tools such as R, Python, Grafana, and Tableau. for long-term trend analysis and quality cause analysis.

By being able to store and analyze the entire data generated in the production process at a low cost, we can expect to increase productivity by reducing the defect rate through analysis of the causes of defects in the production process and improving product quality.

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