Use Case

Use Case

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[Machbase Use Case]Manufacturing - Hankuk Carbon

Company Profile

Hankuk Carbon is a company that produces insulation panels, which are a key part of LNG carriers. Carbon prepregs are characterized by high strength and high elasticity, so their uses are endless, and they are currently used mainly in sports and leisure products such as fishing rods, golf, and skiing.


The data generated from the existing production process was analyzed in batches instead of in real time using Excel, which was not only time-consuming but also not immediately efficient for the business.

It was a priority to create real-time dashboards by building a system to replace manual Excel work, and furthermore, it was necessary to have a system that could trace the cause of quality when product defects occurred.

Reason for Selection

Although "H" is building a smart factory for one plant, the company is considering expanding to factories not only in Korea but also overseas in the future, and selected Machbase’s time series database as a reliable and scalable data infrastructure for collecting large amounts of facility data.


Edge devices for data collection were installed in each of the two production processes to collect data from PLCs and automatically transmit it to the central server for integration. Based on this, a process data analysis application was built to generate duration charts and dashboards for facility and process data. In addition, vibration sensors were attached to key points in the facility and vibration sensor data was collected to detect facility abnormalities.

Application Result

The system was built to automatically generate data in real time, which was previously analyzed manually in Excel, increasing worker productivity and enabling them to check the process status immediately from the office. In addition, the quality department was able to analyze the factors affecting product defects, resulting in cost savings through improved quality and increased productivity.

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