Use Case

Use Case

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[Machbase Use Case] Insurance - Carrot Insurance

Company Profile

As Korea’s first digital non-life insurer, Carrot Insurance is redefining insurance by launching new products and services based on technology and data, and is experiencing rapid growth as an insurtech platform. In auto insurance, they are actively engaged in per-mile auto insurance.


Carrot plugin, whose main business is a product that measures the mileage of a vehicle by mounting its own IoT product to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and charges insurance premiums based on the mileage, needed to build a stable infrastructure without service interruption even if a failure occurs to collect real-time data on vehicle operation information, and also needed to build a system that secures data collection performance even if the number of subscribers increases.

Reason for Selection

The database has a Cluster. Edition that enables distributed storage and distributed processing of data using multiple servers, and the performance to enter and store hundreds of thousands of data per second was guaranteed. Above all, fast and smooth technical support is necessary for stable service, and they judged technical support as a strength compared to open source.


They used cloud instances for data rather than physical servers, and built a Machbase cluster using three instances. Both the master and data nodes were redundant to prevent SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) and configured for automatic fail-over in case of failure. HA and scale-out are also supported, enabling a stable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Application Result

At the beginning of the service, the system was built for less than 100,000 subscribers, but after a considerable period of time, the number of subscribers has increased to 800,000.

Despite this, the stable cluster operation has made it possible to collect real-time information on subscribers’ vehicle driving and charge insurance premiums based on it.

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