ILP line protocol

ILP line protocol

Machbase Neo provides a compatibility api that accepts messages in a format of influxdata lineprotocol for writing data. This api is convenient way to utilize existing client softwares that produce lineprotocol messages (e.g telegraf).

Since Machbase has a different scheme from influxdb, some translations will be automatically occurred.


Machbaseline protocol of influxdb
tag namemeasurement + . + field name
valuevalue of the field (if it is not a number type, will be ignored and not inserted)

Line protocol example

curl -o - -X POST "" \
    --data-binary 'my-car speed=87.6 167038034500000'

This example inserts data into table tagdata with name=‘my-car.speed’, value=87.6 and time=167038034500000

telegraf.conf example

As set telegraf’s output config to use http port of Machbase Neo, the metrics that collected by telegraf are directly inserted into Machbase Neo.

url = ""
data_format = "influx"
content_encoding = "gzip"
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