Bridge and Subscriber

Bridge and Subscriber


Register a bridge

register sqlite connection

bridge add -t sqlite sqlitedb file:/data/sqlite.db;

List registered bridges

bridge list
│ NAME     │ TYPE   │ CONNECTION             │
│ sqlitedb │ sqlite │ file:/data/sqlite.db   │

Execute commands on the bridge

bridge exec sqlitedb CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS example(id INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT, age TEXT, address TEXT, UNIQUE(name));

Query command on the bridge

bridge query command is only works with “SQL” type bridges

bridge query sqlitedb select * from example;

│ ID │ NAME   │ AGE │ ADDRESS       │
│  1 │ hong_1 │ 20  │ address for 1 │
│  2 │ hong_2 │ 20  │ address for 2 │
│  3 │ hong_3 │ 20  │ address for 3 │

Utilize a bridge in tql with SQL()

SQL() takes bridge() option with “SQL” type bridge and execute the given SQL statement.

SQL(bridge("sqlitedb"), `select * from example`)

Utilize a bridge in tql SCRIPT()

Any type of bridge can be accessible from SCRIPT() by getting bridge connection via context.bridge() function.

  fmt := import("fmt")
  ctx := import("context")
  conn := ctx.bridge("sqlitedb")
  rows := conn.query("select * from example")
  for {
    rec := rows.scan()
    ctx.yieldKey(,, rec.age, rec.address)


The purpose of a subscriber is connecting to an external message broker system, receiving streaming messages, ingesting messages by tql script.

Currently machbase-neo supports connecting to the external MQTT brokers, and it will support also NATS and Kafka with the future releases.

A simple use case is that make a bridge to the external MQTT broker, and define a subscriber with

  1. the bridge, 2) a topic of the MQTT broker and 3) tql script path. Then machbase-neo works as MQTT client and whenever it receives messages, it passes them to the specified tql script.
flowchart RL
    external-system --PUBLISH--> machbase-neo
    machbase-neo --SUBSCRIBE--> external-system
    subgraph machbase-neo
        direction RL
        bridge --> subscriber
                    TQL"] --Write--> machbase
    subgraph external-system
        direction RL
        client["Client"] --PUBLISH--> mqtt[["MQTT

Register a subscriber

Register subscribers.

Syntax: subscriber add [options] <name> <bridge> <topic> <tql-path>

  • options

    • --autostart makes the subscriber will start automatically when machbase-neo starts. If the subscriber is not autostart mode, you can make it start and stop manually by subscriber start <name> and subscriber stop <name> commands.
    • --qos <int> if the bridge is MQTT type, it specifies the QoS level of the subscription to the topic. It supports 0, 1 and the default is 0 if it is not specified.
    • --queue <string> if the bridge is NATS type, it specifies the Queue Group.
  • <name> subscriber’s name

  • <bridge> specify pre-defined bridge, it should be a type of the broker

  • <topic> topic to subscribe

  • <tql-path> the tql script that handles the received message

Subscriber Status

Syntax: subscriber list

  • STOP

Subscriber Start/Stop

Syntax: subscriber [start | stop] <name>

Remove subscriber

Syntax: subscriber del <name>

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