Bridge - MSSQL

Bridge - MSSQL

Register a bridge to MSSQL

Register a bridge that connects to the MSSQL database.

The connection string is according to the MSSQL specification.

bridge add -t mssql  ms server= user=sa pass=changeme database=master encrypt=disable

Connect options

serverMSSQL Server addressserver=
databaseDatabase namedatabase=master
user iduser, user-idUseruser=sa
passwordpassThe user’s passwordpassword=changeme
connection timeoutconnection-timeoutDB connection timeout in secondsconnection-timeout=5
dial timeoutdial-timeoutTCP handshake in secondsdial-timeout=3
app nameapp-nameApp name (default is neo-bridge)
encryptEncryption Mode (disable, true, false)(see below)
  • encrypt
    • disable Data send between client and server is not encrypted.
    • false Data sent between client and server is not encrypted beyond the login packet.
    • true Data sent between client and server is encrypted.
machbase-neo» bridge list;
│ NAME   │ TYPE     │ CONNECTION                                                │
│ ms     │ mssql    │ server= user=SA pass=secret database=master │

Test connectivity

machbase-neo» bridge test ms;
Test bridge ms connectivity... success 3.042458ms

Create table

Open machbase-neo shell and execute the command below which creates a ms_example table via the ms bridge.

bridge exec ms CREATE TABLE ms_example(
    id         INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    company    VARCHAR(50) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
    employee   INT,
    discount   REAL,
    pricePlan  NUMERIC(7,2),
    code       BINARY,
    valid      SMALLINT,
    memo       TEXT,
    created_on DATETIME NOT NULL,
machbase-neo» bridge query ms select * from ms_example;

TQL writing on the MSSQL

BYTES(payload() ?? `{
  "company": "acme",
  "employee": 10
  // get current time
  times := import("times")
  ts :=
  // get tql context
  ctx := import("context")
  val := ctx.value()
  // parse json
  json := import("json")
  msg := json.decode(val[0])
  ctx.yield(,, msg.employee, ts)
INSERT(bridge("ms"), table("ms_example"), "id", "company", "employee", "created_on")
machbase-neo» bridge query ms select id, company, employee, created_on from ms_example;
│ ID │ COMPANY │ EMPLOYEE │ CREATED_ON                        │
│  1 │ acme    │       10 │ 2023-08-11 20:55:49.527 +0900 KST │

TQL reading from the MSSQL

SQL(bridge('ms'), "select * from ms_example")
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