Start and Stop



machbase-neo serve


If pid file path is given, the process id of machbase-neo will be written on it. It could be helpful later to stop the process running in background mode with --daemon option.

machbase-neo serve --daemon --pid ./

expose ports

machbase-neo runs and listens to only localhost by default for the security reason. If clients that runs remotely need to access machbase-neo through network, it requires to start with listen address as --host <bind address> option.

To allow listening to all available addresses, use

machbase-neo serve --host

To allow a specific address, set the IP address of the host.

machbase-neo serve --host



If the server is running in foreground mode, simply press Ctrl+C.


If a pid file was generated, signal SIGTERM to process as like the command below.

kill `cat ./`

Or use shutdown command. It works only if it is executed in the same host.

machbase-neo shell shutdown


On Windows, double click “neow.exe” and “machbase-neo serve” button of the top left on the window.

Windows Service

machbase-neo can be registered as a service on Windows.
The commands below should be executed in Administrator mode.

  • Install

Register a service. The following arguments after machbase-neo service install are same as machbase-neo serve, but all paths should absolute path.

C:\neo-server>.\machbase-neo service install --host --data C:\neo-server\database --file C:\neo-server\files --log-filename C:\neo-server\machbase-neo.log --log-level INFO
  • Start and Stop

It is possible to start and stop the service with service management that is provided by Windows, or use the commands below manually.

C:\neo-server>.\machbase-neo service start
success to start machbase-neo service.

C:\neo-server>.\machbase-neo service stop
success to stop machbase-neo service.
  • Uninstall

Removing machbase-neo from the Windows service.

C:\neo-server>.\machbase-neo service remove
success to remove machbase-neo service.
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