Change password

Change password

Change default password for the security before allowing remote access.

Web UI

  1. Select “Change password” menu from the left bottom menu. Since v8.0.20
  1. Enter the new password and re-type for confirmation on the dialog.


ALTER USER sys IDENTIFIED BY new_password;

Command line

machbase-neo shell "ALTER USER SYS IDENTIFIED BY new_password"
Escape from OS shell
When execute SQL statement in non-interactive mode on command line like above example, OS shell’s special characters should be escaped. For example, if we execute machbase-neo shell select * from table without quotation rks. ‘*’ will be interpreted by bash (or zsh) as ‘all files’. \, !, $ and quotation marks should be carefully used for the same reason.
Or we can execute command in neo-shell interactive mode. Execute machbase-neo shell then it will show prompt machbase-neo >>. In interactive mode with machbase-neo prompt, no more shell escaping is required.
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