Remote access with SSH

Remote access with SSH

SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol used to securely log onto remote systems. It can use a password for authentication, but it also supports a more secure method called public key authentication.

machbase-neo provides an SSH interface for remote operation and administration. Users can access the SQL interpreter by using the SSH command as shown below.

SSH from remote hosts

  • User: SYS
  • Default password: manager
  • Default port: 5652
$ ssh -p 5652 sys@
sys@'s password: manager↵

Then after machbase-neo» prompt, users can query with SQL statements.

machbase-neo» select * from example;
│ ROWNUM  │ NAME     │ TIME(UTC)               │ VALUE     │
│       1 │ wave.sin │ 2023-01-31 03:58:02.751 │ 0.913716  │
│       2 │ wave.cos │ 2023-01-31 03:58:02.751 │ 0.406354  │
│      13 │ wave.sin │ 2023-01-31 03:58:05.751 │ 0.668819  │
│      14 │ wave.cos │ 2023-01-31 03:58:05.751 │ -0.743425 │

SSH without password

  1. Generate a key pair: The first step is to generate a new key pair on the local machine (the machine you will log in from). This is done using the ssh-keygen command.

    You can skep this step, if you have already a key pair.

    ssh-keygen -t rsa

    This command will create two files in the .ssh directory in your home directory: id_rsa (private key) and (public key).

  2. Copy the public key to the remote machine: The next step is to copy the public key to the remote machine.

    To register the public key into the machbase server, follow the steps below.

  3. Log in with the key pair: Now you can log in to the machbase server using your key pair. The SSH client will automatically use your private key to decrypt a challenge sent by the server, proving your identity.

    ssh -p 5652 sys@

    If everything is set up correctly, you should be logged in to the machbase-neo without being asked for a password.

Register ssh key from Web UI

  1. Select “SSH Keys” menu from the left bottom menu. Since v8.0.20
  1. To add a new SSH key, click on the “New SSH Key” button. Paste your public key in the designated field and provide a title. Finally, click on the “Add SSH Key” button to complete the process.
  1. Your SSH key has been registered shows on the list.

Register ssh key from shell command

Adding the public key to the machbase-neo server enables the execution of any machbase-neo shell command without the need for a prompt or password entry.

  1. Add your public key to server
machbase-neo shell ssh-key add `cat ~/.ssh/`
  1. Get list of registered public keys
machbase-neo shell ssh-key list


$ machbase-neo shell ↵

machbase-neo» ssh-key list
│ ROWNUM │ NAME                       │ KEY TYPE            │ FINGERPRINT                      │
│      1 │ myid@laptop.local          │ ssh-rsa             │ 80bdaba07591276d065ca915a6037fde │
│      2 │ myid@desktop.local         │ ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 │ e300ee460b890ad4c22cd4c1eae03477 │
  1. Remove registered public key
machbase-neo» ssh-key del <fingerprint>

Connect without password

$ ssh -p 5652 sys@ ↵

Greetings, SYS
machbase-neo v8.0.20-snapshot (8f10fa95 2024-06-19T16:32:09) standard
sys machbase-neo»

Execute commands via SSH

We can execute any machbase-neo shell command remotely only with ssh.

$ ssh -p 5652 sys@ 'select * from example order by time desc limit 5'
 ROWNUM  NAME      TIME(UTC)            VALUE     
 1       wave.sin  2023-02-09 11:46:46  0.406479  
 2       wave.cos  2023-02-09 11:46:46  0.913660  
 3       wave.sin  2023-02-09 11:46:45  -0.000281 
 4       wave.cos  2023-02-09 11:46:45  1.000000  
 5       wave.cos  2023-02-09 11:46:44  0.913431  

Security Considerations

While public key authentication is more secure than password authentication, it is important to keep your private key safe. Anyone who gains access to your private key can log in to any system that has your public key.

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